Huge losses 66% !!

Dear readers,

Lost a total of $90 dollars from a starting capital of $150. 

Still not giving up yet, learnt from my lesson and made a new trading plan to rebound back in to the markets. 

Sell USD/ JPY Target is = 93.49 

Sell NZD/USD Target is = 0.7976 




Pumped in the morning to trade!


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Slept for 5 hours . Woke up . Traded

Woke up with a slight disappointment of AAPL stocks falling. Lost a total $25.02. Made a total of $4.80 profit at the start of today.  Learnt a crucial lesson

‘Always listen to others , but always form your opinion’ – My gut feeling told me that AAPL wouldn’t have the ‘wow factor’ needed to push the price up. Anyways started a total of 2 trades up $1.92 at the moment.


Ended with a stressful day due to the large losses from AAPL and Rise of the Yen. Learnt many important lessons today which includes:

‘Always form a trading plan, Set a mental stop loss and profit limit’

‘Slow and constant gains are needed to make LARGE profits ! ‘

Ended with a lost of -$10.08. Need to concentrate on the risk – reward ratio.


Lost a total of $39.90 today Damnnnnnn 😦

19.88 % Gain on First Day of Trading


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To all readers,

I firstly would like to say that I am NOT A PROFESSIONAL TRADER,

  • I am just a normal 20 year old studying a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree.
  • I have great interest in #forex, #stock, #gold markets where I would like to learn more and learn from other opinions and advice.
  • Started trading using real money today.
The story…
 It has been a hectic week due to my final exams which are approaching in 3 days. Let’s be honest I am a procrastinator and never like to study / do my assignment. Instead of studying I decided to deposit real money into an account and tested my skills against the market. I would just like to share my first day results and learn from others
To be honest I know that this was a mega load of luck but I learnt a lot about the financial markets. The way that it moves from investors emotions of greed and fear. The need to speculate and predict what would happen in the future.
So i placed in 150 today and ended up with 179.82 🙂 Made a 29.82 profit 🙂
Give me some feedback 🙂